Today Zangas Group is actively developing energy products trading and offers delivery of commodities to its clients in Central and Eastern Europe to secure volumes of supply at optimal price and on favorable terms of delivery.

Historically Zangas HTB GmbH has been involved in natural gas trading and was selling natural gas received as payment in kind (on compensation basis) for the construction of gas pipelines.

Natural gas wholesale trading operations are backed by access to industrial and retail customers through a nationwide natural gas supply and distribution network in Ukraine.

Current trading operations range from sourcing, arranging transportation and storage, wholesale of natural gas to traders engaged in distribution of natural gas and processing of gas as feedstock for manufacturing chemical products (nitrogen fertilizers).

Trading team
Alexey Serebrennikov
Chief Operating Officer

Director of ZaNGaS GmbH since 2003

Over 20 years of experience in oil & gas industry, including managerial positions in Russia’s leading oil companies, e.g., HC (Holding Company) Rosneft, LukOil, UralOil Company etc.

Before joining Zangas, gained significant expertise in oil trading and transportation, worked as Commercial Director at HC (Holding Company) Rosneft, Vice President at UralOil Company, Chief Operating Manager on oil sales and transportation at Lukoil-Permneft, Project Manager for Vitol in Ukraine

Master of Science Degree in Hydrology from Lomonosov Moscow State University, Degree from Tyumen State Oil & Gas University and Russian State Academy of Oil & Gas

Stanislav Kazhda
Head of natural gas trading

More that 10 years of practical experience in gas industry and transformation of energy and gas legislation, implementation for the gas market liberalization (over 20 years of practical experience in UTILITIES)

Before joining Zangas gained operations and management expertise in gas distribution as a Board Member/Strategy at RGC (Ukraine) and Technical Director at RWE (Czech Republic)

Degree in gas infrastructure operation and management from Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas (Ukraine) and graduated from Czech Technical University of Prague

MBA in general management and international business from Dominican University of Chicago, USA

Trading data
Zangas CZ s.r.o.
EIC Code (gas) 27X-ZANGAS-CZ---V
EIC Code (electricity) 27X-ZANGAS-CZ—6
ACER Code: A0015645U.CZ
ID Number 075 88 062
VAT number CZ07588062
Zangas Hoch- Und Tiefbau GmbH
ACER Code: A0015108G.AT
Austria (GasConnect) 25Y-ZANG---1---V
Czech Republic (Net4Gas) N4GZHT
Slovakia (Eustream) EUS_ZNG11