Project development and financing

Zangas Development Limited is specialized consulting and advisory company supporting operations of Zangas HTB GmbH, Austria through a professional advice, assistance in origination and selection of the new projects and preparation of commercial and technical proposals for the participation in tendering process.

In addition to engineering and construction services Zangas plays a role in developing and financing projects in oil and gas infrastructure, chemical and mining sectors. Consulting and project finance advisory services are provided by Zangas Development Limited a wholly owned subsidiary of Zangas HTB GmbH.

Zangas Development Limited is also providing advisory services to the third parties and clients in project assessment and development including the following services:

  • Market research and analysis;
  • Potential projects screening and origination;
  • Organizing and conducting technical, commercial and financial due diligence;
  • Financial modeling and assessment of project feasibility and bankability;
  • M&A transaction support and process coordination.